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Jul 7, 2012 3:57pm EDT
cost states like florida, kansas, illinois and texas roughly $23 billion each in its first 10 years, and states like new york would pay more, $35,000,000,000.50 $3 billion. california mix out like bandits. -- $35 billion and $53 billion. california would make out like a bandit. just as this is money that states do not have, the federal government with its current year deficit and debt cannot afford to spend another $900 billion it does not have, and states, and this includes california, can expect that whatever these projections say right now, costs will exceed initial projections. the moment the u.s. credit rating suffers another downgrade, congress will shift more costs to states, predatory federalism. congress gets the state out on this low introductory rate, and the soonest they are up, they change the rates -- as soon as they are hooked, they change their rates. that is essential to repealing this law. before that even happened, governors were expressing their refusal to do so. governor rick scott in florida was the first one to refuse to exchange -- create health insurance exc
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1